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The First Impression of IOS 8 from Beta Testing


The First Impression of IOS 8 from Beta Testing

The community of doers and the group of tech enthusiasts has always shown profound interest in the products of Apple Inc. It is very true that Apple Inc. leverages with products and software packages that makes life simpler and convenient, it always easier to mix sound and edit a movie on a Macbook pro than on any other Windows laptop or computer. Now that the world has started admiring the unique work of Apple, the company is trying to innovate like never before and serve the customers across the globe with something new and unique every time.

IOS 8 is the latest gift from Apple to the world of passionate and amazing people. IOS 8 had already created an incomparable buzz before its launch but now that it has been launched people are going crazy about it. If reports are to be believed then there were like a million downloads within the first few hours of the release of the Operating System. Operating Systems from the house of Apple has always been in news because of their amazing and inspiring apps and demeanors.

We bring to you a detailed analysis of the IOS 8 during beta testing, we will be discussing the topic in depth and we will be making it easier for you to decide whether you want this operating system or not.

Texting just got easier

 People across the world are using their phone more for instant messaging and less for playing games and Apple Phones are generally used by professionals and by entrepreneurs. The beta testing has shown signs of improved texting features. The company has always worked hard on this front because this is one thing every person with a phone is going to do.

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The new advancement in texting includes Quick Type Software that works on the cache created by the phone after an interval. It records your pattern of typing and helps you by prompting the correct word.

Push Notifications Lack Innovation

 Not that Apple is known for innovation, failing at any front is going to disastrous for them. The new push notification bar is not that exquisite and convenient. The company would have thought a bit differently and made it more funky and attractive. Let’s wait for the next update from the house of apple.

Automatically Delete Older Messages

This one is a brilliant update; it allows you to clean up your message box automatically. All you need to do is set a timesheet and it will clean up the older set of messages with great ease and grace. It is important to keep your older messages at bay because they end up acquiring a lot of memory space.

Most of the time it happens that we forget to delete our older messages but with this update you can set automatically delete for 30 days or for a year.

The new Operating System IOS 8 is amazing and beta testing has proved it to be more advanced and likeable, do not think too much go and get your update.