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How to use PHP Composer


How to use PHP Composer
PHP is dependent on Composer for its all management related services. PHP’s composer is known to be similar with the NPM of Node and with Bundler of Ruby. Composer has all the list of items and functions you are dependent upon. You can always visit the official site of the PHP for a better understanding of the subject. Going intricately through their documentation page you can help yourself in understanding composer a bit more meticulously.

What is the actual use of Composer? A set of applications you can depend on but the software you are dependent on is also dependent on some other applications. All you need to declare your dependencies with .json extension and the smart and talented composer will install them on their own for your ease and comfort.
In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to install composer on a VPS. Follow each and every step with equal enthusiasm to understand the working of the composer. For your consideration we are making use of a running server on UBUNTU and we are considering LAMP stack as pre-installed on the system.
The specific requirements of the composer can be listed as: –

Linux/Windows/OS X or higher.
PHP 5.3.2+ Installed.

These all specifications are the utmost requirements. You need to have all these for a better use of the composer.
Using Composer
‘composer.json’ is one file you need to have in your system to make use of composer in your project. This field includes all the dependencies you have defined for the system. You need to be sure about colons; colons are known to define the use of composers in a very optimum way.

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Composer is a very cool thing with loads of cool stuff. There are libraries that provide with autoloading information and these autolaoding is done to make processing and use of composer easier and efficient. When you make use of a composer for handling files and for accessing their contents in a better manner then you will have to make use of classes directly. This saves time and gets on the file very easily.


Composer is an integral part of PHP. You need to make its efficient use for developing better websites and pages. When you learn to make efficient use of composer and its pre-defined libraries then you can develop good websites with great ease and grace. You can be a lot dependent on these libraries for efficient performance of the composer.
Composer is used to manage projects and framework related issues for developing a dynamic website. Dynamic websites require extra access to files and set of libraries and these composer libraries provide access to all kind of stuffs and codes from the library directly.
Composer is under development stage, you can read more about the same on the official website and you will find loads of good stuffs to learn from there. These sites are known to have experimental results and data that helps in broadening concepts and ideas.