How to take sharp photos in Photography

How to take sharp photos in Photography


Getting sharp images is a goal of novice photographer.

Unfortunately in some circumstances he did not get those.  As a Photographer I reveal my secrets here to take sharp photos in your next photography sessions.

Take Sharp Photos is not a easy task as you think.
It needs some proper knowledge and training. But it all will comes as a habbit after you know this.

1) Keep Right Distance

Of course taking photos in a closer distance gives you more sharp image. But its not a right thing in all time.  Sometimes image looks different in closer distance and not sharper as we expect. So keep right distance as your Lens focal length expects gives you more sharp and beautiful image as you want.

2) Use Lens Sweet Spot

Each & Every Lens have a Sweet Spot which is means getting perfect focused sharp image in certain focal length. For example I have Nikor 55-200mm Zoom Lens which is having a sweet spot at 135mm. So if i want more clarity and sharp in the image detail, i always stick to 135mm focal length. To find your lens sweet spot you just keep research in various focal lengths and you can easily find your lens sweet spot.

3) Use Better Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in photography. Whether its a Studio Fashion Photography or a Nature Wildlife Photography, every photographers needs certain natural or artificial light to take the photos effectively. Right amount of lighting gives you sharp photos as well.


4) Focus Right think on your object

If you take a photograph of a man or an animal or a bird always stick the focus to the eyes.  And in case you want shoot a Landscape or Architecture Photography keep your aperture somthing lengthier than usual and focus on the main object, which is you want to show your audience.



5) Use Continuous Shots

Taking flying birds photos or sports people in action photographs is something unusual thing we normally does in portraits. For any kind of action photography needs Continuous Shots which is available in all major DSLRs. With this feature you can avoid blurry photos and have more chance to get a sharp photos atleast one! (as usual)


Expect more opinions about getting sharp photos.. Welcome your feedbacks folks!

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