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How to select your Next Car


How to select your Next Car
Car is not only a necessity it has also become a status symbol. With so many cars to choose from, it obviously gets overwhelming how we go about taking our pick from the lot.
So if you are thinking of buying your next car, these tips will help you to select one.

Identify your style and need
Think about what kind of car would suit your personality and what your need is. Will you be using it daily to travel to your office or on hikes and other vacation trips? Will it be just for you or do you want it to suffice your whole family. Answer these and select from various options of compact cars, sedans or SUVs, available in the market.

Know your budget
A car maybe a thing of luxury but it should definitely not be something to burn a hole in your pocket. It should be well within 50-60% of your in-hand annual income. If you are taking a car loan then calculate the EMI first and also the interest you would be paying. Choose from the many financing options available and select the one which has the lowest rate of interest.

Petrol, diesel or CNG
While petrol driven cars are the cheapest, diesel is a cheaper fuel hence if you are going to use your new car for longer drives every day then go for the latter. But keep in mind that their maintenance is a little higher than the petrol ones. CNG is a much cheaper and a very clean fuel but its availability can be an issue.

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Make use of offers
Keep a close eye on various offers and discounts by companies and dealers. Although, be wary of the hidden charges. Also, it’s always better to go for cash discounts than freebies; latter being eyewash, since their prices are usually hiked to make them seem attractive.

Research well
Make use of the numerous websites and TV shows dedicated to give you useful information and reviews on vehicles. This will ensure that you are able to compare their prices, features and get reviews from actual users, hence, saving you from any future troubles.

Insurance and warranties
Insurance of a car comes under top priority. Check for rates in various insurance companies and select that which suits you best. Also, do not forget to enquiry about the extended warranty and after-sales services.
Inspect and test drive
Before you actually buy and take your new car home; check thoroughly for the feature you want in your car. Inspect its power, acceleration, brakes, handles and its interiors for a comfortable seating.