How to download Videos from Facebook

How to download Videos from Facebook


Have you ever come across a video on Facebook that you wanted to download to view later on?

One way that you can save a copy of the video on Facebook is to use the save on facebook features

But that only let’s you bookmark the video to view later on.

What if you lost your original video file and you want to upload it to another social network such as Instagram or Youtube?

Instead of spending hours re-creating your video, you can download a copy from Facebook.

Downloading videos from facebook in just a few minutes with simple steps

  • Log-in to your Facebook Account, as we are going to download videos from Facebook itself.
    Now, see around your Home/ Wall and look for any Video.
  • After getting a video, click on PLAY button. So then video will start playing.
    While Video is playing, Right Click on that video, you will see several options there incl “SHOW VIDEO URL” option
  • Click on SHOW VIDEO URL.(sometimes you may not get by right clicking when video is playing, esp if there are  security issues on flash. The link will also be available in the header of the posting for eg “Mr Y    shared Mr X’s  video” with a hyperlink under “video”. Use that)
  • You need to copy this URL and paste it to a fresh browser page.
  • Here, you need to make some changes into the URL feed.
  • There will be something like this:**************************
  • What you need to do is: Replace “WWW” with “m”.
  • After replacing it, hit the Enter button.
  • Now you will see, that tab is also playing the same video, but the only difference is that: you will be able to download  it now!
  • On that video, Right Click and you will see some options; you need to select SAVE VIDEO AS.
  • After that, you will be asked where to save video; select the location and the video will start to download!select the location and the video will start to download!
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