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how to create multiple account in whatsapp


whatsapp messenger is one of the best messenger app that allow you to chat with your friends, share images, videos, location, etc. It also allows you to create your own friend groups for mass communication.

The biggest headache  for the people who are using dual SIM mobile phones and wanted to have separate whatsapp accounts for every number. Unfortunately this is not possible with simple whatsapp app.

This may be the question must be coming in your mind,

  • can we create multiple whatsapp accounts in same phone.
  • can we use whatsapp dual sim.
  • can we use 2 whatsapp in single phone.

Well you will get the answers of your questions in this post only.

create multiple account in whatsapp

By using ogwhatsapp apk

ogwhatsapp is basically an android app that allows you to run multiple whatsapp accounts on single phone. It run separately with your number 1 and original whatsapp with be running with your number 2. Isn’t its simple ? Please follow the step by step guide mentioned below.
Step  1 : Take proper backup of your whatsapp data by going into settings.
Step  2 :Now clear all your whatsapp data.
Go to phone settings >> apps >> whatsapp >> clear data.
Step 3 : Now rename “whatsapp” folder (in sdcard or file manager) to “ogwhatsapp”.
Step 4 : Now you have to uninstall the original whatsapp app for a while. So, uninstall it.
Step 5 : And download and install ogwhatsapp apk latest version.
Step 6 : once you have installed ogwhatsapp, it will ask you to verify your old number which you was using in original whatsapp app. Simple enter that number and click on “ok”.
Step 7 : Now re-install original whatsapp and this time register it with your new number i.e sim 2 number and you are done.

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Now enjoy two separate whatsapp accounts for both the sim on your single android phone without even rooting your android device.