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How is Apple TV ?


The new Apple TV looks like the old one, but it’s a complete overhaul of the little black puck. It now comes with a full-blown App Store, a touch-sensitive remote and voice controls via Siri.

The Apple TV is a small set-top box (like a cable box, but much smaller) that connects with the Internet and your home entertainment system keeping in mind the end goal to convey Internet-based substance to your TV. While numerous TVs nowadays include “smart” highlights that enable them to stream Netflix and different services, the Apple TV was created before those TVs were common.

The Internet-based content the Apple TV can get to is genuinely differing, ranging from the virtually anything available at the iTunes Store (movies, TV, music, etc.) to Netflix and Hulu, from Internet-just streaming services like the WWE Network and HBO Go to YouTube, iCloud features like PhotoStream, and more.

Since the Apple TV is an Apple product, it’s deeply integrated with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, making it a powerful tool for Apple users. There is only one model of the Apple TV,so the purchasing choice is really simple. The Apple TV costs US$149 to US$199 direct from Apple.

There’s not much to setting up an Apple TV. Basically, you simply need to connect it into to your Wi-Fi router or cable modem for the Internet association and afterward connect it to the HDMI port on your TV or recipient (you’ll need to buy an HDMI cable; it’s not included). With that done, connect it to a power source and take after the onscreen setup directions.

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The new equipment is fast and fluid. The surprisingly small motherboard holds a 64-bit, dual-core A8 processor, a super-speedy little monster that debuted in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (now a generation behind the new 6s).

The chip is a screamer, and runs hot, so the new box is about half as tall again as the old one (iFixit’s teardown shows the increased size accommodates a giant heat sink). The small set-top box brags 2 GB of RAM, additionally a stage up from the previous version.

It’s not only the chips, however. Systems Networking is quick. The new Apple TV uses the speediest Wi-Fi right now accessible (802.11ac) and additionally Bluetooth 4.0 and an IR receiver. It’s not clear yet what the IR receiver is for — the remote works over Bluetooth.

On the gadget’s back, you’ll find just a couple of ports. There’s HDMI to associate with a TV at 1080p determination. Dissimilar to some different boxes available (the new Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield and Roku 4), the new Apple TV does not bolster 4K video.

There’s an Ethernet port for wired systems service and USB‑C for service and support. Like its predecessor, the power supply is built‑in so there’s no chunky power brick, a small and welcome blessing.

The new Apple TV doesn’t have an optical digital audio output port, which I used to hook my old Apple TV to a bookshelf stereo so I could stream tunes via Airplay.

If you’re going to buy one of these things, the only choice you’ll have to make is between storage options. The new Apple TV will be available in two versions: a 32GB model (for $149) and a 64GB model (for $199).

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At this point, it’s unclear how important storage space will be. The current Apple TV comes with 8GB, just enough to buffer whatever it’s streaming. Nothing is stored locally.

However, apps will be put away on the gadget, and it’s conceivable you’ll fill it up pretty quickly. The new interface will be instantly recognizable to current Apple TV proprietors since it utilizes the same tiled UI. It’s fast, fluid and very easy to use. There’s no getting lost. Each screen delivers loads of big, bold images and eye-catching carousels. The graphics are huge, splendid and vivid. The menus are sensible and well laid out. Everything is fast and smooth, especially with the new touch-sensitive remote.

The terrible news about Apple TV: Siri is the weak spot. Everything works incredible aside from Siri. Apple’s AI assistant was maddeningly inconsistent.

The capacity to control the new Apple TV with Siri’s voice charges was one of the tentpole features during September’s keynote. This capability puts the Apple TV on par other gushing boxes like the Roku 4, Amazon Fire TV and Comcast’s X1 — simply hit the committed Siri catch on the remote and talk into the built-in mic.

When it comes to consumer electronics, interface is king, and the new Apple TV has nailed the basics. The updated remote works extraordinary, and its trackpad improves it far than the previous version.

The Bottom Line

All the more imperatively, the applications will make the fourth era Apple TV a champ. It’ll be captivating to see all the new applications descending the pipeline.There’s a killer app that’ll blow everyone away. Gaming on the gadget will rely upon help for diversion controllers, and that appears to be likely. If only Siri could get her act together. Conversing with the remote is an incredible method to connect with the Apple TV — if just it were reliable (and reliably great)!

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