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History of Internet Millionaires


History of Internet Millionaires

Internet has always been the promising mine of fortune and possibilities. Some people were able to make use of its vast potential while others failed.

Here is the history of some of the top Internet Millionaires who managed to make their mark on the virtual world with their hard work, out of the box thinking and their diligence.

Perez Hilton

He is a NYU graduate who was bored by his dull magazine editor job who took up blogging to ease off the boredom. This former failed actor cum struggler likes to make fun of celebrities on, the most hated but also the 491st most viewed website in the world. He took up blogging mainly because ‘it was easy’, beside, he chose to write about celebrities because according to him, celebrities are more entertaining than online diaries.

Satoshi Nakamoto

This genius of a man literally makes his own money. No need to get startled though, this money is the first and the most popular crypto currency, a form of digital money, called Bit coin. Bit coins work on the same principle as the regular currency. It can be taken as the consensually shared hallucination. The only expense here is electricity.

He imagined a form of internet based border unconstrained currency and invent this. When he started mining them and they skyrocketed in value, his net-worth did to.

Allen Wong

This son of a NYC Chinatown sweatshop worker, spent all his free time and all those ‘less’ productive times of lunches and nights on teaching to write codes for mobile apps. Since, according to him it has a great untamed potential for hard working, inventive coders. And this was all when he was working in Columbia University, to make some side money to support himself.

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5-0 police scanner, his app is available to masses, and though maybe not the most popular way to listen to the police, it did shoot his career sky high. His app even featured in the movie Spiderman, giving him immense fame and customer base.

Amanda Hocking

There was one time when this successful self-publishing author was a poor and frustrated novelist. She took her first step toward being the internet millionaire that she is now, when she uploaded her e-book online in a desperate attempt to raise $300 dollars for a trip to go see a Muppets show. Little did she know, she would make an extra $20,000! That was all in the April 2010.

Before that however, she had been turned down by several publishers claiming she can never make it as an author; now they are the ones who are crying and have approached Amanda for traditional form of publishing seeing her growing popularity each day.

Anshul Samar

This Indian kid, of mere 13 years of age, runs a website by the name It offers a card-game that helps the kids to have fun playing without even realizing that they are learning chemistry facts.

He had always loved to play games and by the time he was in 6th this love was so much that he had an argument with his parents about the zero learning value of these games. Following that, a determined Anshul, applied for a grant of $50 from the California Association of the Gifted which was immediately approved. And after a lot of hard work and, finally, in 9th std. he launched his ambitious website at the National Association of Gifted Children’s Conference.

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