help desk interview questions
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Help Desk Interview Questions


Help Desk Interview Questions

This Help Desk interview questions brings together a snapshot of what to look for in candidates with a balanced sample of suitable It help desk and help desk  support interview questions. 

1. List the three abilities of an ideal help desk person?

  • Ability to listen others
  • To be patient, especially in a tense situation
  • Ability to present your thoughts clearly

2. Explain the importance of customer service for you?

Customers are the backbone of the business. The whole business depends on the customer service, and if you are at the help desk you are holding an important position to help the customer in the best possible way.

3. Explain the importance of help desk?

Help Desk is necessary as it makes sure that the resources are available for customer and also operational reasons.

4. How will you handle a frustrated customer?

Reassuring customer that their issue will be resolved is a sure way to calm them down

It is important to stay calm yourself and not to get frustrated in order to the situation properly

5. How would you handle an issue that you can’t resolve or understand?

Ask appropriate questions to get to the bottom of the issue without aggravating the customer or Contact or inquire a solution from a coworker or a manager.

6. Why do you wish to work with, help desk?

Provide honest answer to this by stating that you like to troubleshoot computer problems and gain pleasure in helping others. Also mentioned that help desk is a good place to learn new things.

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7. How do you stay organized?

You can provide specific ways on how you stay organized; for example, you can mention that you take notes and prioritize tasks at hand in order to resolve this issue in an efficient manner.

You utilize any tools provided in order to stay organized. In this example, you could mention MS Outlook, Word, Excel or Similar software in addition to taking paper notes.

8. Do you think it is important to be a team player?

  • It is very important to be a good team player because it shows that you are willing to work with others.
  • A good team player can resolve more difficult issues in a more efficient manner; especially when working with different departments within the company.

9. Which ticketing system are you familiar with?

If you have experience with help desk for this question you would simply state which ticketing system you have used in the past.

10. How excellent are you in fixing hindrance on mobile?

Solving crisis face to face is unique than dealing with them on mobile. To convince your interviewer that you’ve a capacity to remedy the main issue that you would be able to put an illustration of any prior incident the place you’ve got solved the client trouble on cell phone effectively.

11. Have you ever had a clash with a boss or professor? How was it resolved?

Note that  for those who say no, most interviewers will keep drilling deeper to find a conflict. The secret is how you behaviorally reacted to conflict and what you probably did to resolve it.

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12. What is ITIL?

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is basically a predefined set of practices for ITSM (IT service management) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business.

13. What is the basic safeguard to take before replacing a hard drive?

After creating a live DVD and transferring all data onto it, the disk must be replaced and booted. Then the DVD data must be installed onto the new disk and settings restored.

14. What would I do if a user had a problem with their flux capacitor?

I would jazz it up to 9.1 gig watts of power and charge down the road at a steady 86 MPH

15. What motivates you on a job of help desk assistant?

Honestly, this job can be quite repetitive. That’s why help desk interview questions about motivation are not easy to answer. But if you really want this job, you should simply respond to it, saying that you love to help other people to solve problems and simply make them feel better. Or you can say that you simply prefer routine jobs in general.

help desk interview questions

16. Imagine a very stupid customer that struggles to understand a word you are telling him. What would you do in such a case?

This is a rough trouble that is just rarely resolve in a real help desk support job. But to say that you will try to design a list of simple steps and then go to the customer through every single step until he gets the point, is a advisable answer.

17. Difference between a service desk and help desk?

The Service desk is a single point of contact between customer and company, where all information regarding the company’s providers is delivered. A help desk ensures that the purchaser’s problems are resolved in a timely fashion.

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18. Are you Flexible with the weekend job?

So far as I get another break day in location of weekend, I have no issue in doing weekend Job.

19. what is a domain name resolution?

It is defined as a DNS mapping an IP address to a host name.

20. How do you reserve an IP address?

Using a DHCP server.

21. How do you stay up to date with IT knowledge?

For this question you can mention that internet, education and books as a source of knowledge in order to keep up with fast evolving IT world.

22. What is one of your weaknesses?

“Turn a negative into a positive”

Few Example

  • I am too much of a perfectionist.
  • I work too hard sometimes.
  • I care too much about my work.

23. What does pre-eminence in customer service mean to you?

Consumers are a company’s assets and they need to be looked after in a manner not less than perfect. The best type of consumer service comes about when you have been able to help the consumers and he puts the phone down happily!

24. Which ticketing system you are familiar with?

If you have experience with help desk, for this question you would simply state which ticking system you have used in the past  years of your work.

25. Explain about your current work schedule ?

Help desk workers need to constantly learn new technologies and stay current.