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Worst Habits of the Millionaires


Worst Habits of the Millionaires

We call thworst because they don’t comply with our regular not so rich habits. We differ from those moneybags in many ways. And those ‘ways’ are generally our poor habits as opposed to those of the rich! Then what are these habits of the millionaires that make them so rich?

They Eat Healthy

The doctors, philosophers, columnists and even our moms can’t stress enough on this golden rule. The rich are rich because they eat right. Yes, eating healthy organic food and avoiding junk keeps the mind sharp and body able to work hard and smart for that money to keep flowing in.

They Maintain a To-Do List

Yes, it is perhaps being too organized. But then that is what keeps them on track of things and help them not miss anything indispensable.

They Focus On a Single Goal

Focusing on one thing at a time ensures that our whole concentration is on that particular task at hand only. Any divided attention will not do justice with any of your work and will result in a poor outcome.

They Exercise Daily

Why is it necessary you ask? Well, exercising keeps their mind and body energetic and healthy. And only when one is healthy can he work.

They Read Much

The millionaires have a very good habit of reading or listening to audio-books whenever they got some time, like that when they are commuting. This not only increases knowledge, it also refreshes one.

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They Speak Their Mind

This is the cleanest trait of the rich. They are not public shay and are determined. They like to stand by their beliefs and are not afraid to speak up even if it’s not something conventional, this gains one confidence and self-assurance; both essential ingredients for getting one wealthy.

They Network Well

Millionaires are known to have a sound and wide network of people, these people aid in the promoting their product or gaining them business or simply to generate audience and popularity. Poor on the other hand usually tend to overlook its importance.

They Hardly Watch Television

While we poor selves get hooked to our TV sets as soon as we come back home from work and waste our precious hour on useless reality shows, the wealthy do not watch TV at all or if they do, as less as half an hour.

They Grab Opportunities

Millionaires are so only because they see the opportunity when they come across one and do not let it slip through their fingers at any cost. On the other hand, poor people leave everything on luck and destiny!

They Believe In Lifelong Education

They do not stop learning and educating themselves ever unlike the poor who think if they received a college degree, well that is it. Career enrichment and self-improvement is a constant process which reflects in the bank balance.

They Teach Their Kids

Millionaires teach their kids daily the good habits for success. They also encourage them to volunteer and interact with as many people as possible for them to develop the success building qualities from the beginning itself.

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They Wake Up Early

The wealthy tend to wake up much earlier than their work time and plan and prepare for the day ahead. This hard work and clean habits obviously translate into wealth.