Google Vs Traditional library

Google Vs Traditional library


Google Vs Traditional library

This is one of the most common debates we all have been doing for the past few years. Is Google an authentic source of information? Can Google provide all information which even library can’t?? Is Google capable enough to replace our traditional libraries??

And I can surely say that we still don’t answers to these, it’s not that we aren’t smart enough to look for answers it’s just that every man has its perception and nothing’s absolute neither in this case. Some scholars think libraries are they best way to gain information and some think Google is the new scholar.
So in the following passage we are going to discuss about Google its authenticity, its capability and whether the time has come for replacement or not. Do read and make a perception.

Benefits of Traditional Libraries

The benefits of traditional library can only be listed as personal benefits, these benefits are not professional and they are never going to add to the speed and the performance of an individual and enterprise: –

Authentic Sources: – As the library is going to have thousands of books hence any information you acquire in there is going to be of 100 percent authenticity. You can read more and more about it from different books and develop an innocuous depth about the topics.

  • Library leads to development of an intellectual mind setup. The capability to read through books and imagine things happening in your mind is going to make you intelligent. It will boost your creativity and you will have a broader mindset with better analyzing and thinking capability.
  • Library apart of intellectual development and authenticity is a waste in this technical world where everything is on Internet. You will have to spend more time reading through books and not watching video lectures. There are chances that even after reading it for hundred times you may not get the concept clear.
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This internet giant has changed the world for better. It saves time and serves us with the requisite knowledge in minutes. Some of the pros and cons of using Google against a Library can be listed as: –

  • The authenticity is in doubt. Experts have always cited internet to be a non-reliable place, you cannot rely on internet when it comes to hundred percent authenticities. You will need to visit a traditional library and cross check the facts.
  • Google brings to us video lectures, slide show presentation and different perspectives of people on same topic from different corner of the world. These video lectures and different perspective adds to our learning and helps us in knowing the world and the thinking of people from different countries in a better way.

Google allows us to interact with the authors and read about their personal lives. It brings to us the information from the bed rocks and helps us in knowing a subject to its core. With the help of Google we can not only learn about stuffs ,we can also see them and hence develop a better concept in mind.

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