Google duo vs facetime
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Is Google Duo is Better than FaceTime


Google Duo seems like other video calling applications however it is not really. It has some amazing features that make it better from others. Video call on this app is like, you didn’t install any video-calling app rather your phone has it pre-installed. This app runs smoothly and it doesn’t lag when you open it.

It is a cross-platform video calling service just like Skype and plenty of others, but it has been designed to eliminate the limitations you get with all of these.

Google  Duo has a couple of particular contrasts and the most clear one is that it’s an application that must be downloaded, while FaceTime is worked in to the dialer of iOS gadgets. This may give Duo an edge since it is being discharged for Android and iOS, which implies you’re not limited to video calling friends that utilization the same operating system so long as each of you have the app installed.

Platform and user compatibility

To utilize FaceTime you need an Apple gadget. That is right– Apple still doesn’t make FaceTime for Android, which implies you have to possess an iOS gadget or Mac to utilize it. This implies FaceTime can’t be utilized to speak with non-iOS gadgets users.

On the other hand , Google’s Duo is accessible both for iPhone and Android phones. This makes it a much more all inclusive choice for a video messaging users. The disadvantage is Duo isn’t made for tablets yet, now is there a desktop users.So,technically FaceTime works away at more sorts of gadgets (phone, tablet, and Mac) yet Duo deals with more platforms (Android and iOS).

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The other thing to look at is user compatibility. The decent thing about Duo is you needn’t bother with any sort of Google account to utilize Duo. When you set it up you just enter your phone number. After that, anyone with your phone number can video chat you on Duo–they don’t even need a Google account to do it either.

It doesn’t work the same with FaceTime. To use FaceTime you have to make an Apple ID. This isn’t a big hassle, but it does mean you need to create an account–you just can’t use a phone number.

Video Quality 

Google Duo wins in Video quality.  It’s not like video chatting is a new technology.It’s been around for very nearly 20 years, yet Apple still has an issue with conveying FaceTime calls that don’t stop or drop the video. Duo, on the other hand, has (so far) handled video calls with perfection.Duo will adjust the video quality downward to maintain the connection instead of trying to force HD video through and thus dropping the call. FaceTime could take in a thing from Google on this front..

Unique features

One unique feature of Duo  is called “Knock Knock” which lets you see a live video feed of the person who is calling you before you answer the call.  A feature unique to FaceTime, on the other hand, is audio calling as well. FaceTime lets you send any call as audio-only; a very useful feature Duo does not have.

Difference between Google Duo and FaceTime

  • The Knock-Knock feature is available for Google Duo as it were. You can’t enjoy it on FaceTime.
  • You can’t change to phone calls while utilizing Google Duo. You can do as such by means of FaceTime.
  • ‘Audio only calls’ feature is available on FaceTime only.
  • Google Duo is more good. It is accessible for both Android and iOS though FaceTime is accessible for iOS and mac.
  • You can make Video call to approach Google Duo via Phone number only . On FaceTime, You can utilize phone number/email address.
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Similarities between Facetime and Google Duo

  • Both are easy to use.
  • Both have an end to end encryption.
  • The user interface of both apps is simple.


Google Duo wins in some areas including cross platform compatibility, a slick user interface, and the lack of requirement to create a proprietary account. FaceTime, however, wins on several fronts too, including device support beyond iPhones to include iPads and Macs, and the ability to make audio calls.