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Make your First Android App


Make your First Android App

Smartphones have changed our lives for better. We can check our account balance and we can also pay our electricity bills from any corner in the world. The mobile computing and the advent of mobile apps have made it easier for us. Mobile operating systems like Android, IOS and Windows have changed the human life for better; they have leveraged us with the option to do things with great ease and grace. We need not to go to store to get groceries; we can order it from our phone.

Now that we all know the life changing capability of Android apps hence in this article we will be concentrating on how to build one’s first Android App: –

Platform: –

Now that you have decided to make your First Android App, so let me tell you the first thing you are going to need is a Platform. A Platform on which you are going to develop your android app, it can be any platform, it may be Appmaker or it may be visual studio. You will need to choose your platform with great intricacy. Choose a platform you are master in and then get going. Android studio is also a good option.

Developing Your App: –

 Start your Android Studio and fill all the requisite details in order to create a new project. Provide the new project any name you would like to give. For now let’s go with My Android App. Here we are also going to change the system requirement, we will keep SDK to API 15 and then we will proceed with our Android App project.

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With this App we are going to target Kitkat devices, it is very important to understand the audience we are targeting, and when we say that we are targeting Kitkat then we must know that our app will only run on Kitkat or higher operating systems.

Now that you are working on your app the studio is going to prompt you with various options, you will need to choose the best of options by keeping your app in mind. Choose and add the options you want your app to have and then you can add the relevant code to you. Ones you have added the required options and code, you can click on next and move to next. You can also concentrate on various coding studios and directly code your app but appmaker and android studio requires less coding and hence they are good for first timer.

Follow all the requisite steps and you will get your app ready, now all you need to do is test it on your android device. You cannot get it placed directly on Google Play or App Store because they charge 25$ and 99$ respectively. You can add it to your phone and install it there. Now that your first android app is ready, you can show it your friends and families. You can also take to various other developers and discuss more and more about it.