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How to do Excel Regression


Regression analysis in excel is used for analyzing large amount of data and also for making forecasts and predictions. Follow the steps to do excel regression.

Step 1: Make sure that the regression analysis is supported on your excel

  • Click on the Office button at the top left corner in excel.
  • Click on excel options , click on Add-Ins on the left side of the page
  • Find Analysis Toolpak and if it is in active state, then you’re set.
  • If it is set to Inactive, then select Analysis Toolpak and hit GO. Wait for a while and allow it to install.

Step 2: Run Regression Analysis In Excel

  • Enter the data into excel sheet.
  • Data should have at least two columns that will represent an input range X and input range Y. Input variable X represents independent variable and input Y represent dependent variable.

excel regression

Step 3: Select DATA from the toolbar

  • Then select Data Analysis and choose Regression from the list of tools.
  • If you excel displays traditional toolbar go to Tools > Data Analysis and choose Regression from the list of tools.
  • If your excel displays the ribbon then, go to data and find data analysis and choose Regression from the list of tools.

Step 4: Now define your Input Y range

  • Now the regression Analysis box is displayed, Click inside the Input Y range box. Select all the number you want to analyze. (Click and Drag cursor in the input y range field). The formula will be displayed in the input Y Range spot.
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Step 5: Repeat step 4 for Input X Range

Step 6: Modify setting if desired

Choose whether or not to display labels, residual plots, residuals etc ,by checking the desired boxes.

Step 7: Designate where to display output

You can select either particular output range or send the data to a new workbook or worksheet.

Step 8: Click OK

The regression summary output will appear where  designated.