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Earning more from Google Adsense


People across the globe have started defying the regular jobs because they take up all your energy and time and at the end of the day you are left with a penny in your hands. People are now more interested in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship allows people to be their own boss nevertheless you have to work harder than ever but at the need of the day you will satisfied because the work you will do will be pushing you ahead and not some XYZ company.

A huge chunk of population is busy with Internet and they are trying to mint from here but it is not that easy. Some of them are working hard as a content writer and web developer and are earning good but they these jobs are not satisfying. Blogging and Internet entrepreneurship are something that can leverage these people with the best of career satisfaction.

When people talk about blogging, AdSense is the only thing that comes to mind and earning via Ad sense is a commendable thing, firstly you will need to work hard to get your account approved and once it gets approved you will have work harder than ever to make it long last and earn some good revenues for you.

We bring to you Top Ten Tips that will help you in earning more and more from Ad Sense: –

 Mix your Ad: – You will have to work on your Ad and blend it according to the design of your site or blog. You will have to work on the code and match the color and the background of the Ad with the theme of your blog.

  • Place 250X250 sized Ads: – This is the standard size and experts from the filed have always advised to use it because it known to provide proper exposure to the Ad and it gets conspicuous to the visitors with great ease and grace.
  • Remove the Borders of the Ad: – it is one of the most tricky tip you will ever get, it is known to be increase the conversion rate will great numbers and bloggers across the world are using it for their personal benefits.
  • Prefer Text Ads to Image Ads: – text Ads are known to get easily embedded with the code of the site and are known to perform better when compared to the image ads.
  • Section Targeting: – It is important for the bloggers to use section targeting in an efficient way. Use the tag provided by Google to take the crawler to the requested page such that it shows the customized and relevant Ads.
  • Ad Placement: – It is important for you to do some profound find out the slots that are known to provide with better CTR rate and then place your Ads their so that more and more people follow the lead hidden in the Ad and you earn end up earning more and more.
  • Block irrelevant Ads: – It’s your work; you will have to keep it safe from harmful and low quality stuffs. Keep low paying and irrelevant Ads away from your site, concentrate on high quality ads from genuine source and make more money.
  • AdSense Ad Preview Tool: – Use Ad Sense’s native tool Ad preview to keep a tab on all the ads being shown on your site, control them from there and earn more.
  • More white spaces around your ad: – It is important for you to remove the borders and it is equally important to keep some white spaces around your ads to make them conspicuous to the visitors.
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