DSLR Basics

DSLR Basics


Photography is a bug and you are more probable to get bitten in your youth. You will feel the urging desire to go out in the sun and click those fluttering leaves and flying butterflies. You will feel like new and you will keep looking for picturesque things that will make up to a good photograph.

Well! Photography is not only about finding beautiful things and clicking them, it is more about using your machine perfectly for a perfect shot. DSLR cameras have replaced the Point N Shoot cameras long back and today people from every creed are coming forward and buying new cameras that leverages them with the capability to break the stereotype and click some awesome photographs.

Before you get on to the mission of clicking some awesome photographs, you will need to know your camera better, read further to understand how your camera works: –

Shooting Modes

Every DSLR comes with more than four shooting modes, these are like pre-defined libraries and they have an intricate understanding of light and exposure. You can use different modes for clicking photos under various light conditions.

Some of the most common shooting modes can be listed as: –

  • Aperture Priority
  • Shutter Priority
  • Program
  • Manual


 In a layman’s word ISO can be defined as the sensibility of the sensor of your camera to the lights. The ISO plays an important role in clicking vivid and colorful photos. ISO allows you to click some good and colorful images even in the absence of vivid lights. The IOS comes into play whenever there is a dull play of light.

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All DSLR comes with flexible lenses and all these lenses are known to have Auto-Focus and Manual Focus mode. The Auto-focus mode allows all the photographers to play with the zoom and focus of the camera and click some close and macro images with a better depth. Manual focus uses the common metering and focusing methods to capture photos based on the sixth sense of the cameras.

If you are new to DSLR cameras then start clicking around in Manual mode and try to understand how the lens focuses and how the focal length is selected, once you have enough knowledge of focus length and then go ahead and show your expertise on auto-focus mode.

File type/sizes

 The new DSLR cameras are very smart and innovative, they leverage the photographers with the option to store high quality photos and low quality photos. High quality photos are a must for people involved into professional photography.

While people using these DSLR cameras for travelling and personal purpose will try to save the space in their memory card so that they can click more and more photos. It is important for you to understand your requirement. You can select the format of your image according to your need and you can save loads of space on your memory card and save yourself as well from the hassle of formatting and emptying your memory card every  now and then.

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