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How to Develop a WordPress Plugin


Internet has leveraged the world with the choice to ditch their regular jobs and be their own bosses. More and more people are quitting their jobs and are starting their own internet company. These companies are here to serve the world with solution related to problems we face in our day to day life.

Websites are the base of all these internet companies. For an online business, you need to have a physical office, where people can come and avail your services but when you take your business online; you will need to have a website where people will find all information related to you and your company.

WordPress happens to be the ultimate platform for developing such websites for online businesses that helps people in reaching out to the world and make a clamoring success. WordPress plug-ins are developed and used to make the website work in an efficient way. Companies across the world are also developing wordpress plug-ins for making their websites more and more flexible and user friendly, but developing a wordpress plug-in can be a nightmare. You will need to take some pain and get it done.

We bring to you a detailed tutorial on ‘How to Develop a WordPress Plugin’.

Before we get on the technical stuffs and start developing a plug-in, you will need to understand what a wordpress plugin is. WordPress plugin is a set of code written in some programming language, which when embedded in the code of your website makes your site work amazingly fast or makes it do a specific task with great ease and grace.

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Some of the things to keep in mind before you get on to the mission of developing your wordpress plugin: –

Plugin Name: – It is important for you to check the availability of your plugin. You need to select an unused name, like the address of your website; your plugin needs to be unique as well.

Plugin Files: – like your plugin name you will have to make a folder also with a unique name so that your plugin is safe and no other plugin overwrites it. Use a different name for your plugin folder and specify .PHP if you are using PHP programming language.

Read Me: – Make it readable for others, so that other developers can understand what all you have done in your site.

Choosing a language: –

It is important for you to understand the uses of language and you need to use that specific language for writing your plugin.  It is always suggested to go with the same programming language you have used in your website for development. You need to be sure and you need to have some firm ground to develop a plugin.

Writing the code:  it is important to understand the problem and develop logic. Once you have developed logic, all you are left to do is write the code and make it happen for your site and your business.

After all these steps, your wordpress plugin is already to make clamoring success in the world of online companies.