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The contemporary entrepreneurial world is roaming around software packages and around online tools that makes business processes easier and efficient. The companies are growing at an unprecedented rate and to manage everything is getting difficult. It is almost difficult for a human being or a group of human beings to manage such things and when you are growing at a high rate you will need to have a backend support of software that will make your work easier.

CRM and ERP software packages have helped thousands of companies in satisfying their customers and with making proper decision under constrained situations.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP as we all know is a software package that combines all the departments of a company and creates a centralized system from where the entire company can be controlled. ERP brings the different departments of a company under one roof and allows the one department to peep into the works of other departments, which spreads reliability and increases the speed of the work.

ERPs have made it easier for the companies to take efficient and fast decisions. They provide with an user interface where everything from different departments are clearly listed, one look and you come to know that we do not have particular raw material or the particular manager is absent today. This software package is known to save time and increase the productivity of the enterprises.

Customer Relationship Management

CRMs are as important as ERPs. ERP software packages allow a company to make proper decision before the production of the product but then CRM manages the relationship with customers who all are using your product in real life. It is important for every company to have a relationship management system so that they can listen to the complains, constraints and to the feedbacks of the customer and develop a better product.

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Difference between CRM and ERP

Both these software packages are used to increase the profit of the enterprise but they use different approaches for the same. The difference can only be listed at the minute level as they deal with different sections of business development. ERP promotes feasibility and efficiency while CRM promotes loyalty and trust among customers.

There are hundreds of software enterprises out there developing ERP and CRM both and it is always going to be a good idea to acquire both the software packages from them, because one who develops the ERP of your company, knows how your company processes and can develop a CRM software that will help the company in maintaining  a good relation without compromising on the basic protocols of the company.

Integrating CRM and ERP

Integrating CRM and ERP will only make the backbone of your company stronger. Experts from the entrepreneurial world are in the favor of this integration because they understand the golden rule of businesses. It is important for you to work efficiently during the production of the product and it is equally important for you to answer to the queries and problems of the customer.