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Good Coding Standards of PHP


Good Coding Standards of PHP

The contemporary world is being driven by tech enthusiasts, they are making optimum use of the available resources and ideas to develop websites and web applications that can cater to the growing needs of the world. They have breached new regulations and they are following their own standards. Different enterprises and different developers are following thei different style of writing code and designing websites and this is leading to miss conception about the standards of PHP but then the question arises that ‘Is there any real standard of PHP’. The world is keen about this degradation of standard but then the development of some awesome websites has made the experts go numb.

In this article we will concentrate on the various specifications of the standards of a PHP code: –

If the developers and developing enterprise across the world kept developing their personal standards of PHP code then it is going to get difficult. It is going to get difficult to manage the whole set of internet, one of the major problem that can occur is ‘redirecting one website to another will become impossible’ and hence it is advised to follow the standard codes and specifications all across the globe for the development of websites in PHP language.

Some of the other reasons for sticking to the standard specifications can be listed as: –

A standard is required for the proper understanding of code across the globe.

  • The re-designing and re-engineering becomes easier and affordable if the website is written in the standard code.
  • It is very important to stick to standards if you want to develop a quality standard.
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Some of the standards which must be followed while using PHP language can be listed: –

Indenting and Line Length: – Indenting is important and it is way different from tab. Experts have always advised to restrict the use of tab because different computers make use of different spacing algorithm for tab. 75-85 is the reliable length of code in one line. Do not cross the limit if you want to develop a quality application.

  • Control Structures: – Control structures are used for passing control between functions and hence they play an integral role in proper development of a site. You can make good use of control structures and make the code go smaller in size and smaller codes are always easier to update and edit.
  • One statement per line: – We all make use of comments and statements while writing our code because it makes it easier for other developers to understand the meaning of the code. We should follow the standard and always make use of comments and codes.
  • Short Functions: – As mentioned earlier smaller codes and functions are easily understandable and they enhance the quality of your product and application. You can depend on various control statements and on various loops for making your code go smaller in size.
  • Alignment of Declaration Box: – Keep them aligned according to the standard you have followed for the other functions till now.