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Top 10 Cloud Services for Web Developers


Cloud-based storage, computing and collaboration applications are beneficiary for every Internet user. However, web developers especially benefit from Cloud Services, giving them the ease of designing, modifying and debugging codes. Here are the top 10 cloud services that every web developer can use for improving their efficiency and productivity.

  1. Codeanywhere

It is a browser based coding tool cloud application that can be made use of from any device like, mobile phones, tablets or laptop. It works entirely in the browser and integrates dropbox, FTP client and many phone apps. Codeanywhere features syntax highlighting for HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS and XML along with Sandbox with MySQL support.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox initially comes with 2GB storage capacity which can be extended up to 16GB; gaining 500MB of space for each person you refer it to. This is a great application to exchange files and is excellent for a team collaborating on a project. It has the best file-locker system. users can also use this application to recover older version of files from the past 30 days.

  1. Evernote

This cloud service which allows 60MB of space for free user (paid user- up to 1GB), is like a digital scrapbook that can store anything from screenshots of certain interesting pages to full websites. It is thus, a very useful application when doing research on a particular web designing technique or just browsing through net for inspiration.

  1. GridFox

GridFox creates a semi-transparent grid over any webpage with just a click of a button. It enables the users to make modifications to grids and store them in cloud for modifying and usage at a later time.

  1. Pixlr
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It is a cloud-based application that lets you edit images much like photoshop. It has all the features of an image editing tool like cropping, painting, magnifying, drawing and effects. It is a browser based web application but also available as mobile app.

  1. Adobe Kuler

It is an app that works with any CS5 tool. It allows web developers to create various color pallettes for themes for websites and export them to Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks and Photoshop. Users can also import photos and use Kuler to create a new palette based on the dominant color present in any image.

  1. Typtester

It is a very handy tool for web designers to create good, eye-catchy typography for a website. It lets the designers to compare three different fonts simultaneously to let them select the one that suits the best. It lets users to vary font size, spacing, text color etc.

  1. GitHub

It is a great markup tool or framework to make design process easier. It is mainly a powerful tool for back-end coding but also an amazing design application. Independent design professionals can upload CSS resets, front-end frameworks, icon sets and much more. It also hosts many useful tools such as Bootstrap from Twitter, the Gridless responsive design framework and Skeleton grid layout engine.

  1. CSSDesk

It has a wonderfully simple yet fully-featured user interface that allows the web developers to craft appropriate CSS markup and specify certain design elements such as boxes with rounded corners.