Make your First Android App


Make your First Android App Smartphones have changed our lives for better. We can check our account balance and we can also pay our electricity bills from any corner in the world. The mobile computing and the advent of mobile apps have made it easier for us. Mobile operating systems like Android, IOS and Windows have changed the human life for better; they have leveraged us with the option to do things with great ease and grace. We need not to go to store to get groceries; we can order…

Android vs iOS a Technical Report


Android VS IOS—a Technical Report Well! Let’s admit that we all have reading and thinking a lot about the battle between Android and IOS. We all have used IOS and Android but only few of us have reached to a consensus about which is best. The world is growing more and denser, people are buying mobile phones like never before and in recent past the love for smart phones has increased by leaps and bounds.

Basics of Android OS and Applications


Basics of Android OS and Applications “Be together. Not the same” Smartphones have become an integral part of life. They have changed the way we lead our life. Being tech-savvy has become extremely crucial and a phone is no longer used only for making calls.  The need to stay a step ahead has led to the development of numerous operating systems (OS). An OS is one software that manages computer hardware and software resources and makes available common services for computer programs.



HOW TO UPDATE AN ANDROID OS EASILY Don’t you wish to add new features for your phone? This can be made possible only by means of updating your phone to the latest version. Updating your phone will also increase the performance and functionality of your phone. Today, most of the person use android smartphones. The latest android version that has been launched is Lollipop. Steps for updating the android OS to the latest version includes,

The First Impression of IOS 8 from Beta Testing


The First Impression of IOS 8 from Beta Testing The community of doers and the group of tech enthusiasts has always shown profound interest in the products of Apple Inc. It is very true that Apple Inc. leverages with products and software packages that makes life simpler and convenient, it always easier to mix sound and edit a movie on a Macbook pro than on any other Windows laptop or computer. Now that the world has started admiring the unique work of Apple, the company is trying to innovate like…



CRM vs ERP The contemporary entrepreneurial world is roaming around software packages and around online tools that makes business processes easier and efficient. The companies are growing at an unprecedented rate and to manage everything is getting difficult. It is almost difficult for a human being or a group of human beings to manage such things and when you are growing at a high rate you will need to have a backend support of software that will make your work easier.