Rooting An Android Phone


What does “root” mean? Rooting is essentially giving you administrative access to your device. Once your device is rooted, you will have an application by the name of Superuser that can be found in your app drawer. This application is where you can control the permissions of any applications that require “administrative” rights. This is a simple way of looking at it.

10 Necessary Steps in DSLR Photo Editing Workflow


whether you are an amateur or professional photographer you might be always take time to edit your photo editing process. Without any starting to end point of the process it will get us kicked to leave the process or take more time to process one single image. Here I have given my ideal workflow which is suits to you too.  I suggest you always take your photos with RAW format which is very convenient for photo editing workflow.

Simple Image Caption in HTML, CSS


Almost all famous news websites always display images with a caption box that is aligned at the bottom of the same image. These image captions provide extra information about the images displayed on the web pages. You can quickly add these types caption over image in your images using CSS and HTML. With HTML, CSS – you can simplify many of your web design works. Here’s another one to create simple Image caption with html and css. Level: Beginner