Top 25 Bootstrap Admin Themes 2017

Top 25 Bootstrap Admin Themes 2017


Here are our Top 25 Bootstrap Admin Themes 2017 that perfectly crafted to give the dashboard of your  application a fantastic  UI and UX for you to use on your next website or app admin area.

1. Pooled Admin Panel

pooled admin theme

It is a clean , Flat and dependent ready to make use of responsive admin template, centered on Bootstrap Framework and powered by JQuery. It’s a cross-searching responsive template supporting all new browsers, suitable with desktop and cell instruments. Its flat design include mostly white background on all pages except input forms with the flat grey background for its smooth attractive collapsible fixed navigation on its left and its smooth scrolling makes us feel relaxed to make our mouse more lazy to scroll and make our view more stable and clean view on the screen without any fast glance on the screen while scrolling.

2. Spin

spin theme

It is an amazing dark themed template made especially for your website’s admin panel and dashboards. Characterized by a clean and minimalist design, the theme enables you to build a stunning admin panel that you’d love to work on. Spin includes five versions that you can choose from, along with  more than 120 unique pages,40 color combinations, with 30+ applications, and over 20 layout variations to make your dashboard more personalized.

3. Angular 2


An extremely simple yet flashy website theme, it is created with lots of interesting design concepts to provide you a beautiful dashboard to manage your personal and business websites with. Built on the Bootstrap 4 platform, it features a native CSS Grid, SVG icons and charts, Inline SVG, Flex-box and Angular 2 animation among others. With a clean and minimal approach to its design, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to be able to use this template.

4. AdminBSB


AdminBSB Material Design is a fully responsive and free admin template. It was developed with Bootstrap 3.x Frameworkand Google Material Design of powers. It’s really easy to customize and use. You can use from 320px to large resolution pixels of new generation screens and mobile devices.

5.Track material design


It is a clean and minimal Bootstrap and HTML5 based admin template. This template is mobile friendly and optimized to be used for any device like mobile, tabs, desktop. Track is one of the best Material design admin template of Webthemez of template because of its elegant design, nice functionality and well use of Material design framework. This template is powered by javascript and jQuery with amazing charts and graphs also bundle of widgets wich can be used in the development.

6. Brilliant Admin Template

brilliant admin theme

It is a flat design to use responsive admin dashboard template, based on Bootstrap, HTML5 and by jQuery, with amazing charts and graphs. The customizing of this admin template is very easy with comments inline and high quality HTML Code. This template is completely flexible and user friendly responsive supports all the browsers and looks clean on any device. Master admin template is designed based on latest design standards, which fits to all kinds of requirements with number of useful plugins.

7. Complete Admin Template


It is a premium template for admin user interface based on Bootstrap. It comes with more than a couple of versions namely, .NET MVC CORE (MVC 6), Angular, and the classic HTML/CSS3/jQuery version. Along with a full page menu and a fixed menu with inner scroll, this template also features a huge set of plugins to make it an exhaustive admin panel that can cater to any web project.

8. Monster Admin Lite


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It is a popular open source WebApp template for admin dashboards and control admin panels. It is fully responsive HTML template, based on the CSS framework Bootstrap 4. Monster Admin utilizes all of the Bootstrap components in its design and re-styles many commonly used plugins to create a consistent design that can be used as a user interface for backend applications. Monster Admin is based on a modular design, which allows it to be easily customized and built upon.

9. Gretong E commerce Flat


This is a Flat Responsive Admin Panel E-Commerce category Bootstrap Website template offered with Minimalistic and simple Metro styled design that makes your business website user-friendly. This purposeful and powerful web template is designed using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework with a motive to yield a Responsive and cross browser supportive website template and fetched it in the form of GRETONG. E-Commerce and Admin Panel are two different and Vital categories in Responsive web development and GRETONG is nurtured with due diligence and presented with grace.

10. Appzia


Appzia admin page is another Bootstrap-based fully responsive theme that comes with a bunch of reusable and beautiful UI elements, widgets and features.  It includes a wide array of components such as the login, register, and error pages, calendar view, form validation, invoice with ready-to-print button, directory list page, and much more. It has a clean and flat design over a responsive layout that works well with all devices in every screen sizes.

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11. Circloid


It comes with a lively and energetic vibe through its use of various colors to present data and information on your admin page. Circloid is built with Bootstrap and inspired by Material Design. Even with all the colors integrated in the theme, it takes a minimalist approach to its design so the theme is easy to work with. It also saves you time as it comes with ready-made app pages and over 50 HTML pages.

12. Nifty


Nifty offers a neat and stylish template with excellent functionalities. It is built with Less CSS and based on the latest Bootstrap 3.3.7 framework. Nifty offers features such as its smart navigation options which collapse or expand the navigation panel, its off-canvas capability, 36 color schemes, over 2000 high quality premium icons, 9 transition effects, and 7 exclusive plugins.

13. Marvel

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Marvel template is a flat design ready to use responsive admin dashboard template, based on Bootstrap v3.3.4, HTML5 and powered by jQuery, with amazing charts and graphs. It  is completely flexible and user friendly responsive supports all the browsers and looks clean on any device. Master admin template is designed based on latest design standards, which fits to all kinds of requirements with number of useful plugins. The customizing of this admin template is very easy with comments inline and high quality HTML Code.

14. CoreUI


CoreUI is an open source Bootstrap Admin Template. CoreUI template has many unique features and over 1000 high quality icons. It works with many popular frameworks and libraries such as Laravel, Symfony, RoR, Django, Angular or React, etc. With CoreUI you can customize your project for almost any device (Mobile, Web or WebApp).

15. Pixel Admin Lite


It  is hand crafted sober admin template of 2017. Its premium admin dashboard template with flat and creative design. Its Ultra responsive and built with Bootstrap 3.3.6 Framework, HTML5, CSS3 and Media query. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest jQuery plugins. It can be used for all type of Web and mobile applications like custom admin panel, admin site, mobile admin, app backend, CMS or CRM.

16. CoPilot


It  is a fully responsive admin template that is forked from AdminLTE. CoPilot has been updated to use with Vue.js. It adopts features from LTE and it is highly customizable, and fits many screen resolutions from small mobile devices to large desktops. It is advised to use vue-cli, because CoPilot uses the webpack package (template). So you could get a full-featured Webpack with vue-loader setup and hot reload, linting, testing & css extraction.

17. Baxster


Baxster Admin Panel a clean appear Bootstrap Template with plain and bold admin template for work popularity that involves lots of user interface elements for internet applications and widgets. It is a top class admin dashboard template with flat design notion.  It’s fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap three+ Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, Media question.

18. Novus


It is a top rate admin dashboard template with flat design idea. Novus Admin Panel is a easy, Flat and Sportive seem Bootstrap Template simple and bold admin template for work repute that includes tons of person interface elements for web applications and widgets.

19.Easy Admin Panel

easy admin

Easy Admin Panel is a premium admin dashboard template with flat design idea. It is a smooth, Flat and minimal appear Bootstrap Template with simple and daring look for work fame that includes lots of user interface factors for net functions and widgets.

20. Klorofil


Klorofil is free Bootstrap admin dashboard template with easy, ultra-modern and stylish seem. Free doesn’t imply unpleasant and boring, The template provides great basic features from charts, to-do list, timeline, tables, panels, notifications, ready-to-use pages, and other elements. If you feel that this template is awesome, please spread the words and share

21. Modern  Admin Panel

modern panel

It is a smooth, Flat and Sportive appear Bootstrap Template simple and daring admin template for work status that involves plenty of person interface elements for internet applications and widgets.The Modern UI Framework is a premium Web Application Admin Dashboard built on top of Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.4 Framework. It was created to be the most functional, clean and well designed theme for any types of backend applications.

22. Ng2


23. Maruti Admin Template


It is a Responsive Admin Template with Clean and Minimal design. You will find too many options with this theme. It provides two dashboard style and 15 Valid HTML pages. Allows you 170+ icons and chat option

24. Colored


Colored is an abundantly featured choicest admin template built on top of Bootstrap Framework, using modern web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and powered with jQuery. It can be used for various business purposes say like Custom Admin Panels, Dashboards, Project management systems, CMS, CRM and more.

25. AdminPlus

admin plus bootstrap admin themes 2017

AdminPlus Premium bootstrap 4 admin template with multiple modern themes. It includes admin dashboard designs, custom pages and components, integration samples with 3rd party plugins, 6 months of included support .

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