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Best PHP Frameworks – a realtime comparison


Best PHP Frameworks—a real-time comparison
PHP is an interesting thing but the monotony in the frameworks and in similar kind of templates make it difficult for the developers to concentrate. The developers are always on a search for new framework that is interesting as well as good in performance. The PHP frame work plays an important role in the development of a website and hence we bring to you the best PHP frameworks and a real-time comparison between them:

Codeigniter is one of the lightest PHP frameworks. It has also has mvc pattern. Most of the developers across the world choose codeigniter for the development. When compared with others, it is easier to learn and implement. When compared to Zend and Cake, codeigniter is very powerful framework. Its incomparable features allows a developer to create codes a much faster way and also allows a developer to make a unique design in very less time. This framework is known to have a huge library of functions and of common attributes used in a site development. The libraries that are pre-defined in this framework are used for developing an exquisite and logical interface.

Symfony is one framework that world admires the most. Symfony has some awesome features that can never be ignored. Symphony is basically brought in use to develop e-commerce sites unlike codeigniter and Zend. It allows the developer to have full control on the libraries as well as on the manually written codes. Symfony has a bundle of additional tools which makes the working and development of an e-commerce website a lot easier and graceful. Symfony may get slow for small websites but for heavier websites it happens to be the best thing. It is also an open source framework.

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Zend Framework happens to be the evergreen choice of most of the developers across the world. This framework has an unbeatable speed and performance. The MVC implemented makes it more and more performance oriented. The architecture of the Zend framework is very loosely coupled and allows the developer to instill the required changes in the framework as well. The framework can be used for developing HTML forms, Validation forms and other requisite forms that require input from the users. Developers across the world use it for its awesome performance and for the reliable structure. The authentication and the validation methods provided in this framework are just awesome.

Cake PHP is brought in use for developing web application. This framework is very rich when it comes to features and libraries. The Cake PHP is one of the most widely accepted frameworks of PHP and developers prefer it because of its awesome speed and performance. The extended set of library is a turn on for developers, given it allows them to get experimental and create some unique and astonishing sites and pages.

This list of PHP frameworks is very long. The world has witnessed some awesome frameworks in recent past. Today the developers have a huge set of options to choose from. You can choose the best of framework and implement it for better speed and performance. The varied use of framework makes your site rich and attractive.