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Apple’s long-awaited iPhone X pre-orders went live today, which implies the official release date is one week from now: Friday November 3. But there’s a big complication.

You may not be able to buy Apple’s highly anticipated smartphone right away. Finding it in stock on launch day is going to be extremely difficult, though we are tracking Apple X pre-orders in the US, and the best iPhone X deals in the UK.

To confuse everyone even more, iPhone 10 is written as iPhone X. Just like same as Mac OS X was Mac OS 10. The company likes Roman numerals. Unfortunately individuals tend to state what they see, so we expect there will be a great deal of disarray about what this new iPhone is called.

Design & Build quality

The primary thing that will strike you about the iPhone X is this is the first iPhone without the trademark Home Button. When you see the iOS home screen (which will be iOS 11 when the iPhone X ships) there will be no mixing up the way that it’s an iPhone. On the side you’ll see the well-known volume control button and on/off switch, in addition to the Apple logo on the back of the gadget is another giveaway.

The phone is likewise still available in the very Apple Silver and Space Gray. No Gold or Rose Gold to be seen though. There’s no such frivolity, this is a serious phone.

The Home Button had to go because Apple has given us a display that stretches across the entire front of the phone. Apparently it has always been Apple’s vision to “create an iPhone that is entirely screen”, and it’s finally done so.

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It’s not just the front of the gadget that is glass. The iPhone X additionally has a glass back to empower it to be charged remotely. The iPhone X (and the iPhone 8 models) will offer remote charging utilizing the Qi standard. This doesn’t imply that they will mystically charge over the air, you should purchase a Qi compatible charging pad to lay them on.


Apple can pack a 5.8in show into an iPhone that is really littler than the iPhone Plus (which has a 5.5in screen).

The iPhone X measures 143.6mm by 70.9mm, while the iPhone Plus is 158.4mm by 78.1mm. We cherish the bigger screen of the iPhone Plus, yet we do feel that the phone can be little cumbersome to use, so this could be a real benefit

It’s not only the size of the screen that is a benefit here though. The iPhone X is the only iPhone to include an OLED screen – and it’s a marvel. It has a million-to-one contrast ratio, is HDR, includes True Tone – which means that it will adjust the white balance to match the surrounding light, and offers wide colour support.

That is not the highest pixel density smartphone you can get though.We’re not having any desire to take Apple’s thunder here, but rather the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offers a 522 ppi screen.

Face ID & No Home Button

It’s not just the interface that has to adapt to the removal of the Home Button. Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint recognition system introduced with the iPhone 5s in 2013 as a way to secure your iPhone, and paving the way for Apple Pay, has vanished from the iPhone X too.

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Wireless charging

The other feature we touched on earlier is wireless charging. This one isn’t unique to the iPhone X though – the iPhone 8 will get it too. To charge your iPhone wirelessly you will need to buy a Qi compatible mat. Apple’s planning to release its own AirPower mat – but that won’t arrive until 2018.


The Apple X camera, and so far as that is concerned the iPhone 8 camera, offers 12MP, much the same as the camera in the iPhone 7 age did. However there are a few enhancements.

The 12MP camera in the iPhone X (and that in the iPhone 8 Plus) has another Portrait Lighting highlight, with five distinctive lighting styles to improve your photographs taken in Portrait Mode.

Like the 7 Plus the picture photograph bokeh impact is made conceivable by the way that there are two focal points,but the telephoto lens has a faster aperture in the newer models. With a ƒ/2.4 aperture joining the wide-angle ƒ/1.8 aperture, rather than the ƒ/2.8 aperture of the previous generation.


  • Screen is stunning
  • New user interface is intuitive
  • Portrait Lighting is effective


  • Face ID was erratic in demos
  • Cost is so, so high
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