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Adsense Secrets Revealed


AdSense Secrets Revealed
The Google AdSense is by far the best and the most hassle free way to make money online by displaying relevant ads next to your content. But to earn through AdSense you need to have well optimized content, good traffic and a clean understanding of the how it actually works and how you can use it to your benefit.

Secret: 1
What AdSense really is
Google AdSense is a program that allows the publishers and webmasters to advertise on their website, the ads that are most relevant to the content that they publish. Like for example if your content is about home décor, it will put up ads of home furnishing items. It works on the line of PPC (Pay Per Click), that is, it pays you when a visitor clicks on the ad displayed on your website.
AdSense closely works with another of Google’s program called Adwords. It is a program for the advertisers where they bid on certain keywords related to their ad that are also the most searched and the highest bid wins the top spot on the search page of
So, basically AdSense shows those ads on your web page that are received through the Adwords.

Secret: 2
How AdSense works
The advertisers pay Google through Adwords to display their ads on its search pages. Now, it offers us a part of the revenue generated this way through AdSense. This simply means that Google uses our webpages to display its ads and pays us a percentage of its revenue in return. Generally it is 68% of the click and the rest goes to Google.

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Secret: 3
How AdSense decides which ads to put where
AdSense purely works on the keywords search result. If the keyword from your content matches that of the ad’s, it goes on your page. However, it also depends on the traffic density of your website. If the average density of traffic is high, higher CPC ads go onto your site. Moreover, if your content is on a topic that is having several products to sell by several companies, then the competition will be higher for a spot on your page leading to the highest CPC ad on your site.
Another point of consideration here is that since the extent of online market is different in different countries, the higher CPC ads go there where the market is more active and vast to ensure higher chance for the product advertised to be sold.

Secret: 4
How AdSense pays you
The payment or the commission that you receive for every click on the ad displayed on your webpage is actually different for different ads. It entirely depends on what the advertiser paid Google for that ad in the first place. The commission you receive thus can be as less as a cent or as much as $15.
How much you get paid also depends on the traffic on your website. If your content generates a traffic which is more of targeted customers of an advertiser, this will lead to more CPC (Cost Per Click), hence more earning for you. But if the traffic or the clicks are high but the advertiser is not getting any benefits then the earning will be low. It also means that AdSense will put lower CPC ads on your site from next time onward.

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