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Active Directory Interview Questions


Active directory is a directory structure that provides a variety of network services. It was introduced by Microsoft. Active directory interview questions start with the basics and ends with L1, L2, L3 level questions.

1. What is meant by active directory?

Active directory is a directory structure introduced by Microsoft and it is used to store information and data about networks and domains.

2. What is the default protocol used in directory services?

LDAP-Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is used as the default protocol in directory services.

3. What is a domain?

A set of network resources for a group of users that includes a printer, computers, applications. It shares domain database and it is represented by address of resources within the database.

4. List few of the tools available in active directory?

  • Netdiag.exe
  • Repadmin.exe
  • Adsiedit.msc
  • Netdom.exe
  • Replmon.exe
  • Dfsutil.exe

5. what is mean by SYSVOL?

SYSVOL exists on all domain controllers and its stores all the important elements of active directory group policy. It is also considered as the repository for all the active directory files.

6. which tool is used to troubleshoot any replication issue?

Replmon.exe is used to troubleshoot replication issues because it has a graphical nature, which allows to easily spot and deal with replication issue.

7. What is LDAP?

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol –LDAP. It is used to refer the protocol used to query, access and modify the stored data within AD directories. It runs over TCP/IP

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8. List different Partition in AD?

  • Configuration partition
  • Domain partition
  • Application partition
  • Schema partition

9. How to find the relevant role associated with the server?

Netdom query FSMO

10. What is a Domain Controller?

Domain Controller-DC is defined as the server that responds to user requests for accessing to the domain.

11. List the components of Logical AD?

The components of Logical AD include

  • Forests
  • Domains
  • Trees
  • OUs
  • Global catalogs.

12. By Default how many passwords are remembered when you check “Enforce Password History Remembered”?

Last 6 passwords of the user are remembered.

13. What is mean by KKC?

knowledge consistency checker-KKC is a built in process used  to generate replication topology for replication within and between sites.

14. How would you manage trust relationships from the command prompt?

Netdom.exe is used to manage trust relationships from the command prompt. It is a command line application that allows the administrators to manage the trust relationship within Active Directory from the command prompt.

15. What is mean by LSDOU?

LSDOU is a group policy inheritance model, where the policies are applied to Local machines, Sites, Domains and Organizational Units.

active directory interview questions

16. What is a Tree?

The tree is defined as the a hierarchical arrangement of windows Domain that share a contiguous namespace.

17. What is a Schema?

A schema is an AD component that defines all the objects and attributes that the directory service uses to store data.

18. What is RID master?

RID master is defined as the Relative Identifiers for assigning unique IDs to the object created in Active Directory.

19. List the components of AD?

  • Logical Structure: Forest, Domain, Tree and OU
  • Physical Structures: DC (Domain Controller) and sites.
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20. What is an Infrastructure Master?

It is accountable for updating information about the user and group and global catalogue.

21.What is a Forest?

Forest consists of multiple number of Domains trees. In a forest, the Domain trees do not form a contiguous namespace, however, share a common schema and GC (global catalog).

22. What System State Data contains?

It contains

  • Registry
  • Startup files
  • Com+Registration Database
  • System Files
  • Memory Page file
  • SYSVOL Folder
  • AD information
  • Cluster Service Information

23. List the requirements for installing AD on the new server?

  • Domain Name
  • Domain Structure
  • DNS configuration and config Methode
  • Database storage location and log file

24. What is child DC?

Child DC is defined as the sub domain under the root directory which share name space.

25. what are lingering objects?

If a domain controller does not replicate for an interval of time that is longer than the TSL (Tombstone lifetime) then the lingering objects exists.