How to tame Social Media for your business


How to Tame Social Media for Your Business With the ever rising number of online customers and steady increase in the social media users businesses need to turn their marketing efforts towards these podiums, since, they are potent in all respects in targeting and anchoring the customers cheaply yet effectively. To tame the social media to make your business prosper this is what you need to keep in mind:

Big Data Interview Questions

big data interview questions

Big Data Interview Questions The Big Data is sets of data and it is so large or complex that traditional data processing application software’s are inadequate to deal with them. It includes challenges like analysis, data creation, capture, search, storage, sharing, visualization, transfer, query and information for privacy. Here I have listed in the top 25 Big Data Interview Questions.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions

digital marketing interview question and answer

A Digital Marketing professional is responsible for developing strategy used in marketing a company’s product online by utilizing the techniques in the field as Web analytics, email marketing, social media and search engine optimization, among others. This article helps the job seekers in the field of Digital Marketing. I have covered important digital marketing interview questions only.

100+ Most Useful Resources for PHP Development


100+ Most Useful Resources for PHP Development Having numerous ready to use scripts, easy usage and a detailed documentation, PHP is the most popular server scripting language present today. Here is a documentation of over 100 most useful tools and resources which the huge community of web developers can use for PHP development.

Web Development Life Cycle


Web Development Life Cycle A good website need much input. This process is thus divided under various heads or stages that are called as development life-cycle. It is essential to help the web developers to align themselves to the tasks at hand and to give the maximum quality achievable. The whole development process of a website can be grouped into various life cycles of Analysis, Design and Development, Content, Coding and Testing, SEO and Maintenance.