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10 Things You Should Consider Before Starting A Website


10 Things You Should Consider Before Starting A Website

With every business turning itself online, websites are not just becoming popular but have essentially become a need. But since, now with so many websites on the internet, you need to make your site such that it stands out from above the rest. Spending some time and thought on these 10 points will let your site remain ahead of your competitors and impart you success.

Who Is Your Audience

Consider who your audience is and write from their side taking into account their need and expectations from your website. Refrain from talking just about yourself and focus on the clients and prospects more.

Determine The Purpose

Figure out your need for the setting up of the website. The site will be different if it is to generate sales than when it will be to establish your firm as an expert in your field. Know what all are you planning ton use in your soite. For example, if you plan to use email marketing, knowing this in the planning phase itself will allow the whole site building up process smooth and make your site good.

Choose The Right Images

Images are the best way to convey information and also to grab attention of the audience. Hence, it is important to select the right images. Select the theme and pictures that reflect your organization’s service and benefit the best way.

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Look Around

Go through your competitor’s sites and look around as if you were their prospective client. This help you see them in new light and gain ideas for your own website. Besides, you will be able to avoid any mistakes that they may have made.


A good and effective copy is imperative to the success of your website. For this, determine a good copywriter and the tone you want for the copy. Do not go overboard with words.

Content Management

Regular update of the content is important to keep the site fresh. Also, new content should be added regularly to gain a good rank on the Google. Content-management is very user friendly now and a variety of low-cost options exist.


This is essential for the sites that are on a budget. Build your site keeping into consideration its future growth and the design should be kept such that new pages can be added as needed.

Collect Required Data

If your site is one that has collection of dat. you will want to have a database driven website. If you plan to plan to publish articles, register clients for seminars or post dynamic content; database may be necessary.

Plan Your Site

Install calendar and accountability to ensure regular site-updates. This is essential to keep your site up-to-date and fresh. With planning alone you can launch an email marketing campaign and allow your site and thus your business to grow.

Search Engine Optimization

The more your site’s content is relevant and is updated regularly with fresh and valuable content, more it will be rewarded by the search engines by ranking your site higher on the search engine result pages. As your site and organization will grow, SEO will become more affordable.

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