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How to create a windows folder without name

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Many of us use software for hiding our private files in Computer. But there are simple ways to hide a folder without using a software. This may be an old way, but still has a great use and effect. Not many of us know how doing this. Here I have […]

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Download Firmware Files for iPhone

Apple offers firmware files (IPSW) to the developers so they can install it on their registered  devices and test their applications. However, the IPSW files have been much more useful to  upgraders/downgraders who jump between various iOS versions on their iPhone/iPad/iPod.


Rooting An Android Phone

What does “root” mean? Rooting is essentially giving you administrative access to your device. Once your device is rooted, you will have an application by the name of Superuser that can be found in your app drawer. This application is where you can control the permissions of any applications that require “administrative” rights. This is […]


Differences between Android Studio and Eclipse

what are the differences between the two can mean for your development proces? This article shows the differences between android studio and eclipse Differences in working with Android Studio and Eclipse First thing is that there is no need of workspaces and sub eclipse we are familiar with the multiple components projects and libraries. […]


How to Unlock Android Phone

The main reason to set up some sort of lock screen security on your smartphone is to keep strangers (or friends) from checking out your messages or private pictures. Beyond that, you don’t want anyone who dares to steal your phone to get full access to your mails, pictures or other sensitive data. But what if you’re […]

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How To Compress Picture in Ms Word

You can reduce the file size and save disk space by compressing pictures in your document. The compression options reduce both the file size and picture dimensions based on how you intend to use the picture, such as viewing on screen or in an e-mail message. You can compress all pictures in the file or […]

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Top 10 Best Ways To Make Money Online

Ways to Make Money Online Free Most people typically work from their company’s central location, a physical space where everyone from that organization gathers to exchange ideas and organize their efforts. But a few lucky souls have found ways to make money within the comfort of their own place.  Internet is an ever-changing area for […]